Lobbyist Salary

June 27, 2013

Lobbyists have the potential to earn a very admirable salary depending on experience level and nature of work. The lobbyist can produce earnings upward of $100,000 annually, although the average pay lands near the $45,000 range. Some people do not really know exactly what lobbyists do. What do lobbyists do for their money?

A lobbyist is a person who works on behalf of a client to persuade legislation that favors their employer. Most lobbyists are professionals that hold a political science or other related college degree. They lobby to political figures to influence various types of legislation. A simple way to describe a lobbyist is an activist that receives financial compensation for their work. Their sole purpose is to persuade members of government. Virtually every institution or interest group will have lobbyists. This is good news because you will be able to look virtually anywhere. But what if you are just starting out in this field?

Your location will affect the salary and the amount of jobs available to you. Living in a large city is a good first step. Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington D.C. host some of the highest paid lobbyists. Although you can be a successful lobbyist without living in the country’s capital. Since lobbying is a political venture, being in areas that have the most political influence will greatly enhance your employment opportunities. Being very knowledgeable about the legislative process is also extremely important. So what is the difference between higher and lower paid lobbyists?

As you can see, the earning potential varies widely. So how can you increase your earning potential? Unlike many types of employment that simply require attendance for a given amount of time, lobbying success depends greatly on having a good reputation and superior credibility. Industries that are particularly successful spend an incredible amount of money on lobbying. Industries like insurance, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas are among those at the top of the list. A lobbyist needs to make sure that any and all information and advice they give is honest and correct. The room for error is small. Whatever you do, make sure that you are very educated and honest about the lobbying you wish to do. Beyond that, the world of lobbying is yours to take.

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