How to Volunteer for a Political Campaign

March 6, 2013

There are lots of reasons to volunteer for a political campaign. Whether you are wanting to boost your resume or make connections, doing so can be a great starting off point for many things. In fact, it is one of the first things I recommend you do if you want to get involved in the world of politics. It also can be a great way to diversify your experiences regardless of what your career is. Any kind of volunteer work you do is going to be a good thing in potential employer’s eyes.

And, of course, volunteering on a campaign staff is a fantastic way to meet new people. Whether it is just making a few new friends, or developing important professional relationships, this is one of the biggest benefits of this volunteer work.

So if you want to try this out this elections season, here is my guide on how to volunteer for a political campaign.

Identify and Research Candidates

Odds are pretty good that you already have an idea of who you want to volunteer for. If you don’t, do your research. Look for candidates running for different offices that have similar views on issues as you do. You don’t want to end up contributing to a campaign you don’t believe in. When you have a good list, make your decision based on where you think you can make the biggest impact, and which candidate you believe in the most.

Find A Local Campaign Office

Once you have a candidate in mind to volunteer for, find out where their local offices are. As election season nears, these will start to pop up all over the place, especially if you are in an urban area. The best way to find these in the modern world is the internet, as any campaign worth its salt has contact information for all local offices on their website.

Call Or Stop By

You can call the office, or simply stop by. Ask about what kind of situation they are in as far as volunteers go, and what work you could potentially do for them. Ask more questions than you think necessary and find out exactly what will be expected of you as a volunteer.

Don’t Freak Out About the Jobs

Let me level with you: political volunteer work isn’t always the most fun. Be ready to stuff lots of envelopes, staple together plenty of lawn signs, and knock on your fair share of doors. These tasks may seem trivial, but they are absolutely critical for political campaigns, and that is why you are volunteering.

Don’t get mad about not being able to do something that seems more important or fun to you. If the campaign you are working on is going to be successful, someone has to do the legwork. Pride yourself in your contribution, however small it may seem.

Work Hard

Regardless of what I said above, you should always work your hardest on the tasks assigned to you and the other volunteers of a campaign. Remember that you are partly there to help advance your career, whether political or not, so make a positive impression by working hard with a good attitude.

If you do all of the above things, you will no doubt have an enjoyable volunteer experience. Hopefully it will help you forge some new connections, whether they be personal or professional, and help give you the boost in our career you are looking for. Keep volunteering, and you may even end up with a legitimate job for a campaign at some point.

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