How to Get Involved in Politics

January 19, 2013

Despite it being one of the taboo dinner table topics in American culture, everyone has an opinion on politics. Whether you are conservative or liberal, you likely have felt the urge to express that opinion on more than one occasion. It can be hard to deny that feeling.

If you want to be able to not only express your opinion, but also maybe help make your opinions become realities, you may want to consider getting involved in American politics. It may be viewed by some as a dirty game full of under the table dealings and conspiracy, but someone has to play it. If you think you have what it takes to get into the political scene, here are some of the best ways you can get involved in politics.


The simplest and easiest way to let your voice be heard is to vote in the next election. There is no better way to make your opinion count, and it is your right to help choose the people leading this country! Remember to not only vote in the presidential election years, but also in the midterm elections. Local elections sometimes take place on off years as well, so watch for those.


If you want to help a candidate win an election, consider donating to their campaign. Candidates need all the help they can get financially, as political campaigns can be very expensive to run successfully. Your donation, large or small, will be very much appreciated and may help get win the candidate the office. Most of the money will likely go towards helping advertise the candidate in some way, like through signs, radio spots, or television ads.

Volunteer For a Campaign

Campaigns are always in need of volunteer help. Contact campaign offices to find out how you can get involved. Some of the most common volunteer positions needed by candidates are:

  • Administrative: These are where the most help is needed. While they may be somewhat mindlessly boring, they also require no skills, so you can do them no matter your background! This may be stuffing envelopes, filling balloons, or putting up signs.
  • Organization: If you have experience with leadership and previous campaigns, you may be a good person to help organize the campaign.
  • Communicators: Oftentimes campaigns will have groups of people who just go around and talk to people about their candidate, or encourage people to vote.

Volunteer During the Election

Elections also need tons of volunteer staff to coordinate. You may get to count ballots, supervise voting procedures, help register voters, or a myriad of other tasks. Contact your local election offices to find out what you can do to help. You can even be one of those cool people who shoots “Joe Smith has voted!” and “Susie Scott has voted!” at the top of your lungs for every voter.

Ask Others to Vote

We’ve all had someone come around to our house or make a phone call asking us to vote. So why not be that person yourself? It is a great way to get more and more people out to the polls, which is really one of the best ways you can help contribute to the political system. The more people that vote, the better the system works, and the more honest and fair the results are.

Run for Office

Of course, the ultimate way to get involved in politics is to run for office yourself. This isn’t a decision you take on lightly, but it may just be for you. If you like politics, and don’t mind some of the negatives that come along with the political scene (like a totally public life and instability of work), you may just want to get started on a political career. Read our guide on how to become a politician to find out how to get started down this journey.

There are of course lots of other ways to get involved in the wide world of American politics, but the above are some of the best. Explore the site a little bit more if you would like to find some more interesting ideas on how you can get involved in this great nation’s governmental system.

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