How to Become a Mayor

January 6, 2013

The desire to become a leader is an honorable ambition. If you’re interested in becoming the mayor of your city, then you will have to take many steps to position yourself to get the job. Understanding how to become mayor of a city will build in you a greater appreciation for those who have held the position. The first step in becoming a mayor is to understand the city’s business environment, its resource needs, the pertinent social issues and the personal needs of the city’s residence. On a personal level, regardless of the city’s size, one of the basic requirements is financial stability. Of course, becoming mayor of a small city is much easier than a becoming a mayor of a large metropolitan city.

Requirements for Becoming a Mayor

Besides learning all about the inner workings of your city and the needs of its residents, you also have to prove your financial stability. Your level of educational achievement is also important, and it can be either an asset or a hindrance. The actual educational prerequisite to becoming a mayor varies among cities. But most cities do not require a college education to get the city’s top job. America is a great country of opportunities, and the way the democratic process is set up, anyone can run for mayor of a city, as long as they are a citizen and they have reached a certain age.

How to Become A Mayor and The Steps You Need to Take

Step – 1) Get to know the people in your community – No one wins elections without a voter base. Get involved in community groups, hobby and sports associations, volunteer your time to help charity groups and become friends with business owners in your community. Let people know your ambition to run for mayor and work at becoming a respected person in your community. Having charisma is definitely an asset to get the job as mayor, and few people have been elected as mayor without it.

Step- 2) Educate Yourself and Run for City Council– Learn as much as you can about the affairs and procedures of your city council. The majority of mayors in the United States have served as a city council person before getting elected as mayor.

Step – 3) Listen to peoples’ problems and provide solutions – If you want people to vote for you, then you need to show potential voters that you can solve their problems. Become regular at city council meetings and be well prepared to offer solutions to problems the city is facing. As time passes, people will begin to expect your presence at council meetings and will look forward to hearing your suggestions on how to solve your city’s problems.

Step – 4) Get your name on the ballot – Getting your name on the ballot to become mayor requires that you submit a petition with a minimum number of signatures from people residing in the city. To find out the number of signatures you’ll need, call the State Election Commission’s office in your city. Next, you will need to tap all of your friends you’ve made at the charity groups, associations and the church you belong to get enough of the required number of signatures for your petition.

Learning how to become a mayor is easy, but it takes consistency, planning and lots of hard work going door-to-door to drum up enough votes to be in a good position to get the job. Choosing a political party is probably the best thing to do once you’ve made your final decision to run for mayor. If you have enough support from your community, your political party can greatly help you get elected as mayor of your city.

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