How to Become a Governor

January 6, 2013

Different paths can be taken to become governor of a state in the United States of America. Criteria for eligibility of the governor’s office include rules on ages, beliefs and localities. We are going to use the state of South Carolina as an example. The state constitution requires that a person has to be at least be 30 years old, be a resident of the country and state for at least 5 years prior to Election Day, and have a belief in a higher being. If the governor can not perform their duties then the lieutenant governor takes the helm. Similar to the presidency, a governor can not serve more than two terms consecutively. Where the South Carolina governor’s office differs, is that no specification is levied on how many times total the candidate can run. For example a governor can win and run for eight straight years, and then they must vacate for one term, but then may return after a four year absence. Check with your own state to determine what their requirements are.

Although anybody that meets the requirements for governor can run as a write-in candidate, to have a genuine shot at office takes a lot of time, effort and money to make it a worthwhile try, unless the candidate happens to run unopposed. Campaigns that are not unopposed have averages of running for a year and a half and cost over 7 million dollars, and the governor’s salary is around 114,000 dollars a year. The Governor’s security team is the South Carolina state troopers. The citizens of the state usually pick a candidate that was a former member of the general assembly. Those candidates that were either former mayors or council members have the strongest support of the people; mainly experience is the key ingredient here.

Governors need to have a wealth of knowledge in order to deal with the multitude of issues they will possibly face while in office. Economics, politics and social issues are the main issues that a governor’s constituency will be counting on them to solve. Being a good debater against opponents, show the voting public of the candidate’s competency, but having a proven track record in previous lower tier offices cement the possible governor’s abilities with the voting public. A strong ability and history of helping the public through volunteer efforts would be a feather in the cap of anyone running for the office. Upgrading the state’s current status is the main focus of the governor.

A person running for the office of the governor’s most important asset is a dedicated staff of volunteers that truly believe in the message and agenda that they are pushing forward. Long hours of traveling are needed to speak directly to the voting public, rallying further support. A hopeful has to maintain a strict schedule of events that will maximize their exposure and platform. The correct paperwork must be filed through the local government, even if only running as a write-in candidate.

The purpose of certain vital parts of the paperwork is the lifeblood of the campaign, the ones that give the hopeful the rights to raise money for their campaign. Those hopeful for the office must advertise, campaign and defend barbs for their opponents. It’s no easy task but if the destination is reached, can be used as a platform to the highest office in the land.

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